We want to bring you the authentic and harmonious Southeast Asian flavors made from the best ingredients in easy going way.


Our inspiration originates from the streets and markets of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam where spices and fresh herbs, noodles and curries are at the heart of the cuisine and already from afar you can smell the bold, yet harmonious flavors.

On every corner, down every alley there is a stall selling noodles surrounded by hot steam from boiling water and broth, always ready to go. Various bowls and dishes containing seasoning are cluttered on the counters – fish and soy sauce, chopped spring onions, coriander, Asian celery leaves. And a sure sign of a curry shop is the crowds milling around the counter, chatting and choosing from an array of colorful curries lined on the shelves.

You can find Jim Lim by Farang products from K-food stores. We wanted to make it easy for you, to create tasty Southeast Asian flavors at home. All the products are made of the freshest ingredients and pre-made so that you´ll make a flavorsome meal in no time.

Have a look on the Jim Lim products and the recipes from HERE.